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The impact of COVID-19 is felt by all businesses, especially small.

Small businesses with fewer than 20 employees typically lack cash flow and capital. Those companies were the first to reduce hours for employees or lay off employees. Those businesses were also the first to stop hiring subcontractors.

If your small business was just starting up or struggling before March 2020, likely you are now faced with the decision to shut the doors for good or start over again.

Either way, a lot of owners or investors will be stuck carrying the bag on borrowed capital used to get the business off the ground.

How We Approach Your Business Debt Relief and how you should too.

The United States of America has created more opportunities than any other country in recorded history. Starting your own business is as easy as obtaining the proper state and local license(s). Of course, there is a lot more to it than that, but it is a first step in a long journey. Along the way you will incur expenses and like most businesses getting off the ground, that money will likely be borrowed.

But what happens when you need to cut your losses? The credit card and personal business loan companies have no empathy for the small business owner who is forced to close down due to unforeseen hardship. How they see it; you borrowed the money, and they want it back. With interest.

If you have closed your small business, or are about to close, we can help…

Step 1: Prepare & Analyze

A business debt analyst will talk with you to understand the details surrounding your hardship, go over your budget and understand your business’ financial obstacles.

Step 2: Action

DebtShield and our partners will help you resolve your financial obligations by negotiating with your creditors while working within your budget. This transparent process begins immediately once your enrollment is completed. 24/7 access is provided through our client portal page so you can track your progress throughout the term of your program.

Step 3: Results & Teamwork

Our performance-based debt management programs engage all members of the team as they work diligently to drive results on your file. Encompassing customer service, negotiators, enrollment agents, and payment processing team members ensures a higher level of accountability through the course of your debt free journey.

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