Who We Are

“Stories create community, enable us to see through the eyes of other people, and open us to the claims of others.” – Peter Forbes
Every person has a story. We are here not only to assist you with your financial needs, but also to listen. Our goal is to understand your situation through your lens. Once we understand we can educate, set goals, and together accomplish what is possible.
Success is not an overnight process. It begins with making the decision to start taking steps in the right direction. Whatever decisions you made in the past has led you up to this point, now it is time to change. Progress is made when things are done differently. Step by step until moving in the right direction becomes natural and It’s no longer a struggle and giving up is not an option.
When a clear path is paved, and a beaming ray of light is just over the hill, faith must takeover and the vision of a better you is not just your dream anymore, but achievable… and it’s just over the horizon.
Practice What We Preach
DebtShield has friends & family too! And sometimes they need help. Our father’s, sister’s, and friends have all used one of our various programs with successful results. That is why we are pleased to offer our services to friends, family, and referrals alike. Our philosophy is don’t do unto others that you wouldn’t want done to you. Easy words to live by!

The Shield
Credit cards and personal loans carry some of the highest interest rates among unsecured debt. This not only makes it near impossible for the average consumer to pay their balance off, but also often leads to throwing hundreds of dollars away each month in minimum payments.
There are no short cuts when it comes to getting out of debt. Any company that promises to deliver an overnight solution is not being forthcoming. Success is a long journey starting with the decision to make a change, setting a goal, and then taking action. DebtShield is making the promise that we will be there with you, every step of the way, doing the work while protecting your financial wellbeing and stopping the “debt cycle”.
We stand behind our brand with a no-fee guarantee… no, really. We do not charge one PENNY until your debt is PAID. Nothing up front, nothing at the end, everything is included in one easy monthly draft.
If you have been a client of us before then you already know that the utmost attention to detail goes into everything we do here at DebtShield. If we say we are going to do something, we do it with professionalism, pride, and 100% accuracy.

The 800lb Gorilla
You may have heard this expression before. It refers to an organization so powerful that it can act without regard to the rights of others or the law. Credit card and loan companies have become so powerful through the years that laws have been passed such as the FDCPA, TILA, to not only govern but disclose how much interest they are allowed to charge, and how they communicate with customers.

Even with these consumer rights in place, it still isn’t a fair fight. Average interest rates on credit cards are currently over 16.00%. That is why now is more important than any other time to get a DebtShield program, before you make your next payment.